Sunday, October 29, 2006

Where Does The Buck Stop Inside The RRHOF?

At first I thought someone said the RRHOF had expanded its nominating committee. That's why I figured the nominees for the 2007 ballot were late. I read somewhere that they added more younger members. So, I was expecting a more eclectic ballot. But it was kind of boring. Of the 9, only the Ronettes don't belong. You're better with Darlene Love or the Shangri-La's. Every couple year's the Hall nominates a head scratcher. In 2004 it was Conway Twitty. In 2001 the Chantels. This year the Ronettes.
Getting back to my first sentence, I now find out that the Hall has downsized it's nominating members. Maybe that explains the rush job of only 9 nominees. I've already seen board complaints that Chic and Grandmaster Flash are not "Rock" artists. Like VH1 Classic's Eddie Trunk who complains about a lack of "Rock" artists (although he'll be happy with Van Halen), the "Rock" in the RRHOF stands for all things music (excepting Opera, Classical, Show Tunes).
But who are we kidding. Even with the inevitable induction of Van Halen, there's still some important names missing. Geez, I could go on. But the names I now find myself rooting for as future inductees:

Hall & Oates
Randy Newman
Alice Cooper
Gram Parsons
Donna Summer (shouldn't she be the first Disco act inducted?)
Joe Cocker

Oh, hell, there are too many. But what's wrong with some of those names?

The RRHOF has a lot of work to do. They can downsize or expand there voters all they want. But everything starts internally. Until the people in charge of the voting process are replaced with new ideas then the names above will be bypassed for years. Just like the 3 it took for Van Halen to finally get nominated.
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