Friday, September 10, 2010

Rock Hall Revisited/Projected Footnote #1

Nice to see the folks at Future Rock Legends - Rock Hall Projected give a non-performer nod to Giorgio Moroder. And Gram Parsons, who I pushed harder than anyone for many years. I doubted then and still do today that many there ever heard his solo stuff. How sad, but not a surprise when you consider who got in before Parsons.
Both have something in common. Both have been shut out of the Cleveland Hall.

Guess it's time to pat myself on the back for this one. I first nominated Moroder on my 2011 ballot. And I was sure at the time, as I am now, that I was the first one to ever do this, (also Hall & Oates- I put them on the board first as well). I'm 99.9% sure that no one else nominated Moroder or H&O before me.

Anyway, I nominated Moroder and didn't think he'd get any traction. But since the '11 ballot (which was my last ballot, by the way) he must have picked up steam, because there he is inducted on the 2014 ballot.
Why didn't I think he'd ever get more than my vote? Well, Moroder was a Producer who made his mark with his landmark work on Donna Summer's Disco records in the 70's. You know that dreaded word: Disco! Those were thrilling productions, with Moroder pulling out all the stops and Summer reaching her greatest heights. And those records got noticed by musicians into the 80's and beyond. Besides, Disco remains a hard sell when it comes to the Cleveland Hall. (Summer is also in the Projected Hall).

He also had big hits with Blondie, Berlin and Irene Cara. But the reality is that it was the pioneering stuff he did with Summer that is his legacy.

I think Moroder has zero chance of ever getting in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, mostly because of the lack of Disco representation in there now. I do believe that Donna Summer will be the first Disco act inducted. But it may be a couple more years. Outside of her, only Chic has a chance. With Barry White a very, very long shot.

But Moroder? I've never heard much buzz for him. Yet, he belongs in there as much as any Producer they plan on putting in from the late 70's on.

But wait! At Revisited they just keep on voting, and I appreciate it because it gives me a good blog post. And the longer they vote the crazier it's getting. Some of the names that I've seen lately that these voters want in? Brace yourself for impact! These are not made up by me: Ozzy's solo career, Bad Company, Motley Crue, Joe Satriani (as a Sideman ha ha), Alice in Chains, Faith No More (!), Korn (!!). But then what can you expect when they've already put in Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Steve Vai (again as a Sideman ha ha ha) and, get this, Joan Baez as an "Influence" and Laura Nyro as a "Non-Performer". And why is Herbie Hancock getting votes in the "Influence" category? Who knows. But Holy Crap! Satriani and Vai = Caveat emptor. Hasn't anyone over there thought about Mott the Hoople, Richard Thompson, Los Lobos, Little Feat or the Neville Brothers? You want a non-performer that really isn't one, like Laura Nyro? Try a Harry Nilsson or John Prine. Maybe Jimmy Webb. If you're going to continue to pump out 7 performer inductees a year then think and try a little harder and you'd get a good balance of inductees.

And wait a minute, you mean Randy Newman, Brenda Lee, Del Shannon, Lovin' Spoonful, Lloyd Price and Pavement aren't in there yet, either?

Everyone who has ever voted at that site should realize that it would never have been a definitive alternative to the Cleveland Hall anyway because we don't know the makeup of the voting pool. Any African-Americans? How many women? Age groups? Country of origin? Knowledge of music history?
For better or worse at least the Cleveland Hall sends out its ballots to a wide array of musical people.

I also noticed at their recent comment section, not much of a discussion on R&B acts. That's because most don't know anything about the genre. According to this website, 1970's and beyond R&B slowly went extinct. So while an Alice In Chains, whose main feat is paving the way for post-grunge turds like Creed, get in right away, real pioneers of music like Barry White barely get a vote or two. Kind of feel sorry for that guy who keeps writing long ballots trying to get his R&B nominees noticed. Doesn't he know that those folks aren't paying attention to R&B anymore. Who needs the Marvelettes, Dionne Warwick, Barry White, Chic, Kool & The Gang, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Stylistics or Whitney Houston? They are too busy debating the sterling Hall credentials of Massive Attack. Massive Attack?
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