Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st Annual Yea Or Nay Rock Hall Contenders Pt. 1

Read my blog over the years and you will get my opinions on why certain should be and shouldn't be in the Rock Hall.  This year I decided to give the many contenders still eligible  a simple Yea or Nay.   Most of these names are ones I've seen bandied about for years.  This was done very quickly, so it's not in alphabetical order.  And, truth be told, the yeas far out weigh the nays.  Oh well, I guess I'm too nice.

Deep Purple - Yea
Rush - Yea
Yes-  Yea
Duran Duran - Yea
Smiths - Yea
Barry White - Yea
Luther Vandross - Yea
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Yea
Iron Maiden - Nay
Motorhead - Yea
Motley Crue - Nay
ELO - Yea
Cars - Yea
Boston - Nay
Spinners - Yea
Chic - Yea
Donna Summer - Yea
Gram Parsons - Yea
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Nay
Beastie Boys - Yea
LL Cool J - Yea
T. Rex - Yea
Mott the Hoople - Yea
Moody Blues - Yea
Kraftwerk - Yea
Johnny Burnette - Nay
Cure - Yea
KISS - Yea
Kool & The Gang Yea
Captain Beefheart - Yea
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Yea
J. Geils Band - Nay
Bad Company - Nay
Guess Who - Yea
Harry Nilsson - Yea
Roxy Music - Yea
Todd Rundgren - Yea
Donovan - Yea
Dominoes - Yea
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Nay
Stylistics - Yea
Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Nay
Albert King - Yea
Chuck Willis - Yea
Joe Tex - Yea
Jethro Tull - Yea
Steve Miller - Yea
New York Dolls - Yea
War - Yea
Mary Wells- Yea
Bill Withers - Yea
Zombies - Nay
Dionne Warwick - Yea
Pat Boone - Nay
Neil Sedaka - Yea
Paul Anka - Nay
Weird Al Yankovic - Nay
Husker Du - Yea
Linda Ronstadt - Yea be continued tomorrow
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