Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Dells

Somehow, one of the members of the Dells saw my comments about them getting in before the Spinners and took offense.  That's okay.  I love a good Rock and Roll argument.  Basically, all I've ever tried to say is that the Spinners deserved to be in before the Dells, in my opinion.  I just prefer the Spinners more.  I also mentioned that the O'Jays should have gotten in before them as well.
Michael McGill didn't like it, and I say, good for him.  But I'm not really knocking the Dells.  At least I don't think I ever did.  Just thought that the Spinners and the O'Jays were 2 acts that should have got their before.
Anyway, here's his response:

"Based on what?  Hits, Longevity, Vocal Prowess, Body of Work, Versatility
I suggest you go on Youtube, and really listen and learn about
The Dells.  You think you know about The Dells, you know some,
however there's much more that you don't know.  So I've tried to
send you our Biography, but it wouldn't go through ...I'll try again
Let's keep in touch .....incidentally The Dells are also friends, and fans of
The Spinners & O'jays...... Michael McGill
The Original 1956 "Oh What A Night" was at the beginning of Rock n Roll
The hit list was:
1. Elvis Presley   Don't Be Cruel
2. Fats Domino   Blueberry Hill
3. Bill Doggett     Honkey Tonk
4. The Dells        Oh What A Night
The Dells are Rock n Roll"
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