Friday, January 22, 2016

Hip Hop & The Rock Hall (Updated 2017 Eligibles)

Updated for 2017 Eligibles:

Below you'll find 2 different Hip Hop categories.  Acts that are already eligible and future ones. Hip Hop really became a dominant musical force in the 90's, so many big names aren't eligible yet.  I decided to put a number on their chances of induction.  Both Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin were listed in my MIA from the Non-Performer category list.

Open to any suggestions on names I missed.

Already Eligible

Afrika Bambaataa -  As a DJ and Producer, he pioneered electro-funk, which had an influence on future rap records.  Nominated once in 2008.  8

De La Soul - Took the sound of hip-hop into new musical territories (e.g. Jazz, psychedelic).  7

LL Cool J - Nominated 3X, he was the biggest male Rap act from the mid-80's to the mid-90's.  But his TV career has hurt him with voters.  9

Eric B. & Rakim - Rakim is often mentioned on the short list of great male rappers.  Nominated once in 2012.  7

Ice T -  One of the earliest originators of gangsta rap, told from the West Coast.   6

Salt N Pepa -  Wonder if they'll ever nominate a female rap act?  This duo were the most popular.  6

Ice Cube - A member of N.W.A.. Cube actually had a bigger solo career.   But like LL Cool J, I wonder if his movie work will hurt him.  6

A Tribe Called Quest  -  For those that craved something other than gangsta rap in the 90's, this group delivered with it's jazzy blend of thoughtful lyrics and laid back beats.  5

2Pac - The biggest male rap act of the mid-90's until his death in 1996.  Helped popularize gangsta rap and the West Coast sound.   9

The Future

Notorious B.I.G. -  Like 2Pac, he died young, but his East Coast sound had an impact on future rappers.  Eligible in 2019.  7

Eminem  - A critical and fan fave, who is often cited as one of the best rappers for his skills on the mic.  Eligible in 2021.  10

Kanye West - No other rapper has ever been so extremely talented and polarizing at the same time.  But no denying the quality of this output.  Eligible in 2028.  9

Jay-Z -  Not just a hugely popular hip hop artist, but also one of its smart businessmen. Eligible in 2020.  10

Wu Tang Clan - So much talent that most of the members went on to have successful solo careers.  Made some of the best East Coast rap albums ever.  Eligible in 2018.   8

Dr. Dre - Another former member of N.W.A., Dre was a double threat as Producer/Rapper. Another originator of West Coast gangsta rap.   Eligible in 2017.   9

Outkast - Something different.  Not East or West Coast rap, but Southern rap.  And some of the most diverse hip hop music of its era.  Eligible in 2019.  8

Fugees - Like the Wu Tang Clan, this trio had successful solo stints.  More than just hip hop, they also touched on straight up Soul music. Eligible in 2019.   7

Snoop Dogg - Popular West Coast rapper who continues to put out fresh records for nearly 2 decades now.  Eligible in 2018.   7

Nas - His 1994 album, Illmatic, often gets cited as one of the best Rap albums, and his tales of growing up in New York made him a legendary figure in East Coast Rap.  Eligible in 2019.  8

Missy Elliott - With help from Timbaland, she was the most innovative female Rap artist ever, crafting dazzling songs to back up her boasts.  Eligible in 2022.  8

Roots - Get beyond the fact that they were a hip hop band that played their own instruments and what you have are a diverse batch of albums that made them critical and fan faves. Eligible in 2018.    8

Lil Wayne - Straight outta New Orleans, no other Rap artist used the burgeoning mixtape genre to their advantage like Wayne.  Incredibly popular with  respect.   Eligible in  2024.  7

P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) - No matter what name he goes by there's no denying that Sean "Puffy" Combs played a big part in the Hip Hop explosion in the 90's.  But less for his music than for being a founder of Bad Boy Records.  Eligible in  2022.  7
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