Friday, January 08, 2016

Elvis Presley Post-Army Spotify Playlist

It's amazing that RCA has put out a bunch of Elvis Presley compilations, but never a concise overview of his Post Army Years.  Why is this important?  Because one of the biggest lies about Elvis is that he did nothing that came close to his 54-58 pre-Army material.

I'll agree with that statement when it comes to his Sun material.  But then, nobody has ever matched Elvis' Sun years.

Most of the argument in favor of the dropoff focuses around all those mostly mediocre movies that Elvis pumped out from 60-69.  There's some good stuff found on those soundtracks, but mostly fluff.  My argument against using those against him has to do with the fact that the songs were part of a movie, and that they were made to fit into certain scenes.  But I'm never going to tell you that the soundtracks enhance my own favorable views of his post-60 material.

Anyway, get rid of the soundtracks, and you're left with some great material.. The albums Elvis Is Back (60), Elvis TV Special (68) and From Elvis In Memphis (69) are fabulous.  Elvis Country (70) is also great.  His 3 Gospel albums from this era feature some of his most impassioned singing.  And his 1971 Christmas album belongs on your turntable every holiday season.  Oh, and if you haven't listened to his sit-down shows from the '68 Comeback, then you are missing the best singing he's ever done  (along with "If I Can Dream").

What you do get from Elvis in his post-Army years is a move away from Rock and Roll to more Country, Pop, Gospel songs.  By the 70's these genres dominate his studio albums. As do covers.   But when he was given the right material he still could Rock with anyone:  "Burning Love" (72), "Promised Land"  (74).  Too bad there's not more like this from the 70's.  Yet, I always tell people he still knocked out great singles up until the end:  "Hurt" (76), "Moody Blue" and "Way Down" (77).

So, if you're a Spotify user, give Elvis's post-Army music a listen.

Elvis-Post Army Years

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