Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monterey Blues Fest

Low turnout at this year's Monterey Bay Blues Festival. This was the 25th anniversary of the festival and you would think they could have gotten a better lineup. But the even lacked a spark that it had in year's past.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Playlist for 6/28

Dierks Bentley - Up On The Ridge
Teenage Fanclub - Shadows
The Fall - Your Future Is Our Clutter
Paul Weller- Wake Up The Nation
This Moment In Black History - Enter the Intro

Friday, June 25, 2010


A year since Michael Jackson died and he's more beloved now than in his last days. People remember the great Michael and not the creepy one. But there will be books and a backlash. It happened to Elvis. This same scenario. But Elvis' image outlasted the haters. Sure, there's still a pocket full of fools who believe Elvis wasn't that great. And there are some who will never see beyond Michael Jackson's image. But his music will outlast 'em all. And his defenders will win out in the end.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My Dad died in 2008. And I miss him every day. He was a passionate soccer fan, and would have loved watching the World Cup. He loved all the things I did: music, sports, etc. He was a friend when I needed someone to talk with. If your Dad is still alive, cherish the memories. If he's not, raise a glass in his memory. I know I will.

The Loop

Oh I love technology. I've been having computer problems, although I've been able to get online with my Iphone. Still, Blogger only seems to work with a real computer. So, I may or not be out of the loop for a bit.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Playlist for 6/18

Otis Taylor - Clovis People Vol. 3
Karen Elson - s/t
Rolling Stones - Rarities Exile
Dramatics - Ultimate
Ryan Leslie - s/t

Thursday, June 17, 2010


On last week's Americana Album chart, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson had the #1 and #2 charted albums. Back in the 70's if they had a chart like this they probably wouldn't be on it. That's just my guess. But now in the '00's and beyond they are indeed the Americana type.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The week ending May 30 was the lowest sales week for albums in the Soundscan area. Do people buy albums anymore? Or just go on Itunes and steal the latest hit from an album. Album prices still aren't as cheap as they should be, not just for major labels but for Indies. And that's why people aren't buying them. Keep 'em at $8 or less and consumers will snap them up. Price 'em at $10 or more and you'll get more weeks like that one.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Living In The Past

I keep up on new music. New artists, songs, etc. I buy CD's by these artists. I also buy reissues. It's an expensive business, but I've managed to keep up. I don't believe in living in the past when it comes to music. Music was great then and it is good now, but that's the key. Yes, there is much more music to digest today then in 1970 or 1980. But the internet has helped find things within seconds. I'm not one to complain about today's artists. I don't want to spend a year just buying old reissues. The Tom Petty/Joe Cocker concert had me thinking about what records I have by them. New Cocker? Nope, but I have a recent anthology. Petty I've been able to keep up with, although he hasn't put out anything with staying power in over a decade. Petty has a new album out in 2 days. I'm on the fence whether I'll get it, concert be damned.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Playlist for 6/11

Sleigh Bells - s/t
Dixie Chicks - Playlist
Bettye Lavette - Interpretations
Hank III - Rebel Within

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


So, it turns out that M.I.A. is living the good life with an heir to a fortune in California? She's not a rebel with guns fighting the talk that she writes about? Exposed in the New York Times as not quite what she projects, she now fights back against the writer. I like M.I.A., at least her first album. The second didn't move me, but some think it's a masterpiece.
Still, the concept of artist not being what they seem shouldn't surprise anyone. But it does with her because she's still considered a newbie artist. Maybe there are some that think Springsteen and Mellencamp are still living the life they sung about on their first few albums. But now they are rich and while that image is still there, they really aren't middle class anymore.
I don't think she's a fraud as some suggested, but next time you see one of her videos you'll think twice. Good on Lynn Hirschberg.

Monday, June 07, 2010


Where does the time go? A classic cliche. But my son turned 18 yesterday. And last Friday he graduated from High School. Whenever I hear a song from High School years it brings back memories. I wonder if my son feels the same way. This era, these hits, these album tracks, these albums, these artists of today. They will all have the same impact on him that the songs of my day still have on me. You hear something and it triggers memories, good and bad. He'll feel those same feelings.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Petty Upstaged

Who told Tom Petty that a crowd clamoring to hear just hits and nothing but hits wanted to sit through 5 !!! new songs in a row. These songs were just okay, nothing more. But unlike the hits they have yet to find a place in a fan's brain. Halfway through Petty's pretty much sold out show in Oakland that's what happened. I've been to concerts where someone will play a couple of songs, usually spaced out in the show. But 5 in a row? Up to that point, which occurred midway, Petty had the crowd on its feet. This was an arena filled with fans who wanted to singalong. What this new stuff did was get people streaming for the toilets or beer stand. And besides, Petty didn't sing all his big hits. No "The Waiting" or "Don't Do Me Like That", which are 2 of my favorites.
Better than Petty was opener Joe Cocker, who barrelled his way through an hour and 15 minute set of his best hits and a cover of "Come Together". No brand new songs for him. I hope Petty cleans up this mistake. He's got the catalog, now just stick with it.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Music and Movies

When you heard of Dennis Hopper's death you immediately thought of Easy Rider. And how important the music in that film played in its success and its afterlife. This is definitely on of the first films that utilized the current Rock Music Scene to its advantage.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Playlist for 6/3

Janelle Monae - Archandroid
Jamie Lidell - Compass
Elizabeth Cook - Welder
Mary Gauthier - Foundling
Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Feel For Little Steven?

Participating in this Rock Hall Revisited rewrite of the Rock Hall I'm beginning to understand what Little Steven means when he says he fights to get his faves nominated. As of now, there are too many people missing to make this a viable alternative. I think they are promising to go back and get caught up. But while this Hall has few different names that have been inducted that the Rock Hall doesn't (including some inductions that should have waited like the MC5 and T.Rex, let alone the too soon choices of Bernie Taupin and Robert Moog in the Non-Performer category), it is mirroring the Real Rock Hall. And here's a catch. A lot of people are picking names that the Rock Hall is missing, while greater acts are being pushed aside. We need a punk group so let's get the MC5 in there. Or we need Glam so let's get T.Rex. I've seen crazy votes for Uriah Heep (!), Wishbone Ash (!!) and Can (?). In the Non-Performer category Ed Sullivan of all people got some votes. I appreciate the induction of Wolfman Jack but why is Bernie Lowe in there before Ralph Bass? So far my own votes in the performer category haven't differed with the Rock Hall's own choices. There are too many great names missing, and they preceded my own personal Rock Hall snubs (e.g. Hall & Oates, Yes, Spinners), so I'm trying to pick off those first, and willing to wait to vote for them. Also in voting which band members to include for induction, the voters chose to include Ronnie James Dio with Black Sabbath. Odd and wrong to say the least. But if the sole purpose of this Hall is to vote for people not in the other Hall, then the original poster should just do a vote based on who is NOT in the Rock Hall. But this is the problem when having an open artist vote. And the Rock Hall is right to limit the amount of nominees each year, otherwise some people (like a Jimmy Cliff or Bobby Womack) would never get in with a ballot of over a 100 names. And I hope that the band of voters finds space on their 7 name ballot for more R&B acts or even forgotten Pop acts, especially Women (who seem to be forgotten in this poll). I've done a few passionate pleas to get them do this, but it rarely seems to work. One year the Tokens (!!!) got 3 votes. I wish they could get more voters in this Poll as well. Early influence category needs to be worked on. And 2 sidemen inductions every week is too much. Maybe when it's all said and done, I'll feel differently, and post about it when they are done. But I feel for Little Steven.

People's Rock Hall?

Oh, a followup on the Future Rock Legends - Rock Hall Revisited poll they have going. I found another one last month called The People's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. This blog and Facebook page just started in January. 25 nominees, also an early influence vote (its missing some key players here) . Acts with over 50% get in. Mostly voting on 50's/60's acts right now. Still, as you can tell, I like voting in these polls, despite my misgivings about who gets in. I've learned to shrug my shoulders at some of the wackiest choices. But at least I know I've put in my 2 cents.

P.S. My mistake. I originally posted that the People's Hall hasn't inducted anyone different than the Rock Hall. I should have looked a little harder. This Hall inducted Paul Revere, Dick Dale and the Zombies. The first 2 are good choices. The latter isn't Hall material. Still, 3 different names isn't much.
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