Sunday, October 09, 2005

RRHOF 2005

Look at my links for my thoughts and choices for the RRHOF. While most rock critics pay no attention to the Hall's choices, I'm still intrigued. Frustrated by the nominess and some important names that have never evenbeen nominated: Spinners, War, Alice Cooper, Hall & Oates, Roxy Music, etc. Look at the links for more. This year the Hall has 16 nominees. 7 I feel good about voting for:
1. Lynyrd Skynyrd Hard to believe they're not in
2. John Mellencamp Catalog as strong as Jackson Browne's
3. Sex Pistols Also hard to believe they're not in
4. Chic A great band-not just a great Disco act
5. Miles Davis Yea, Jazz, but his Jazz-Rock fusion LP's influenced many
6. Patti Smith See #1,3 above
7. Stooges Great character, that Iggy
the other 9
8. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Maybe Run DMC should be the first rap act, but these guys were pretty good, also
9. Dave Clark Five Great drum sound wrapped around pop hooks
10. Sir Douglas Quintet Tex Mex! and I loved Doug Sahm
11. Blondie New wave breaks Top 40
12. Cat Stevens loved the early stuff
13. Paul Butterfield Blues Band white guys play the blues
14. Joe Tex oft-overlooked soul great
15. J. Geils Band friends of Jann Wenner
16. Black Sabbath Ozzy says don't induct me, I agree
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