Sunday, October 30, 2005

Where Hall & Oates Can Be Immortalized

I like the idea of this page Deserving of the Songwriters Hall of Fame - Reviews on RateItAll . You can rate the songwriters, but the idea is better than the actual rankings. The poster, Garrett Jennings, is obviously obsessed about this stuff as I am. He also has a Rank the Rock Hall Page. The Songwriters Hall of Fame has been a good consolation prize recently for acts that I think should be in the RRHOF (e.g. Hall & Oates, Randy Newman and Gamble & Huff). Looking at the list on that page, its hard to believe that a Merle Haggard, Bob Marley, Pete Townshend or Led Zeppelin (Queen are in)haven't gotten inducted. It may be because the Songwriters initial voters were older and looked down on anything that didn't have to do with the Popular Song (e.g. Broadway Musicals, Tin Pan Alley, etc. ) The voters may be getting younger, which explains Hall & Oates and Queen getting in. It may not get the press the Rock Hall does, but for the above acts its good recognition.
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