Sunday, January 15, 2006

If He'd Only Stayed

For years I wondered if anyone would get around to a Terence Trent D'Arby compilation. The Very Best of is the first US version, but I have a more complete 2002 release. D'Arby's career bascially goes like this: smashing debut, critically acclaimed-but confusingly titled followup, back to basics 3rd album and 4th album with his hair dyed blonde. Since that last 1995 album, D'Arby has released but one album. And it was good. But for years it was import only. The Sony compilation concentrates on his output there, and it serves it revelatory purposes. It makes you go back and listen to his previous stuff. I say the debut is now classic, the followup sounds better with his ego in the rear view mirror, the 3rd is the 3rd and the fourth not up to the first two. Will D'Arby ever make a comeback? I wouldn't count him out. Like his hero Prince, he's got the voice, talent, songwriting skills to get back on the Soul Train. So, give this Best of a spin and hope for second chances.
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