Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Johnny Rotten Fools Himself

I've got no problem with the Sex Pistols refusing to pay to play at the Rock Hall of Fame on March 13. The Hall says it's a non-profit, and that's why they charge even inductees to pay for their relatives and friends tickets. What I do find funny is that people seem to think that the Pistols' rant explaining why they won't attend, somehow makes them "punk" again. Johnny Rotten hasn't been punk since the day he split up the band. In fact a case could be made that the moment they signed a record contract, their punk credentials were up. Since 1978, Rotten has lived off his image of being a punk icon. Outside of a detour with Public Image Ltd., Rotten has used his Sex Pistols image to bolster his Record Company hating rants. But of course he does love Record Companies and money. You remember the reunion tour of 1996? Yeah, money speaks. Even to an "outsider" like Rotten. It took the Pistols 5 times to get in the Hall. So, maybe all these rants have to do with that. They were deserving their first year, no doubt about it. But I suspect that Rotten really just wants to stick it to the "man" one last time. But who will end up getting the last laugh?
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