Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yes, Catalog Titles Still Sell

Take a look at this chart, RIAA Certification - Record Industry Certification, you notice anything interesting about the latest Gold and Platinum CD's. What caught my eye, and what always catches it when I look at this on a monthly basis, are the catalog titles and artists that continue to sell. Lots of guilty pleasures- REO Speedwagon's 2001 live quickie which I once heard and didn't like, but it sells real cheap at my Circuit City, $6 bucks tops. And how about those Motown comps from 1994. More cheap stuff. But the reason Rhino and Columbia keep pumping out those Greatest Hits albums is because they sell. So, while I've heard rumors that the physical catalog title will be extinct as the digital age takes over, it's reassuring to see that a million other people bought that Dean Martin comp that I also have.
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