Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Record-A-Holic In Our Mists?

Give Sufjan Stevens credit for truth in advertising. The cover of his Illinois reject CD states Outtakes and Extras, and that's what it is. We don't need 3 versions of "Chicago" taking up 16 minutes of a 75 minute disc. As it is with these type of releases, there are some good moments and stuff that should have been left in the can. I'm glad Stevens didn't double disc Illinois, and wish he'd cut this by half, but it's not bad. I was also surprised to find that Stevens has only dropped 6 albums since 2000. Judging by The Avalanche, you'd think he'd be a record-a-holic like Ryan Adams or Jack White. Maybe he's got a bunch of stuff stockpiled. I bet he does.
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