Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Completists Wanted

Two R&B icons released CD's with the title Ultimate. Prince and Luther Vandross. The latter is the second Luther title with the word Ultimate in it. It's a good representation of Luther's work. Covering more ground in a single disc than his other comp's-all of which only focus on his Epic years. There will be plenty more Luther comps in the future. This is adequate. As for Prince, this is the third try at Prince's Warner years. And still the best is the first one-the double disc The Hits. Disc 1 of this latest one has some hits, but is missing more. Disc 2 is for the completists. 12 inchers that you had on vinyl. Nice to see someone opening the vaults at Warner, but an all career comp is needed. Both of these guys need their Warner and Epic catalogs remastered.
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