Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Elton's Latest Return To Form

Elton John's Captain & The Kid is being hailed as his best album since his mid-70's chart dominance. And you know what? It's good, it's really good. Recorded in 20 some odd days, like he did when he pumped out 2 albums a year during his heyday, it's got inspired melodies, good lyrics from Bernie Taupin and an Elton John that sounds like he's really into it.
But let's be honest. Die-hard fans like me have heard this story before. Elton's got a new CD and it's his best since (insert 70's album here). The first one I remember was 1983's Too Low For Zero. Then there was 1988's Reg Strikes Back. And how about 1995's Made In England ( I remember Robert Hilburn raving about that one). And 2001's Songs From The West Coast. Well, actually that one was pretty good. Too bad he followed it with 2004's inferior Peachtree Road.
So, at this late date, I'm glad to see 4 star reviews and return to form articles. And hope that those that jumped off the Elton bandwagon due to all those mediocre albums will take a peak at what he's up to in 2006.
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