Monday, October 30, 2006

Chic Are Rock

What can I say? One of my favorite RRHOF topics is how people think that only "Rock" artists should be inducted. I got this Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » Hall Of Fame from the I Love Music Blog. I have no idea who the person who wrote it is, and I could care less after reading his diss of Chic and Grandmaster Flash and Miles Davis. As for the I Love Music Blog it has a typically "why does the Rock Hall suck" thread, and this one Idolator, All About the Music... If Only It Were barely mentions this years nominees. Anyway, getting back to my first point, I think I've made it my mission to educate the ignorant's of the world that the "Rock" in the RRHOF stands for all things music (excepting opera, classical or show tunes). From now on, anytime I see a blog that complains about an R&B or rap artist getting inducted I'll feel the need to single them out.
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