Sunday, January 28, 2007

Norah Jones Should Meet Alison Krauss

Norah Jones has a new album out and it sounds just like her previous two, with a twist. She co-wrote all the songs and there's a few political references. But otherwise it's the same old Norah. But Jones' other side is revealed on side projects. She seems to scared to reveal her dance or rock sounds on her own proper albums. In a way Jones' career is similar to Alison Krauss. Krauss has managed to squeeze in to the Country Top 40 with a duet of "Missing You", John Waite's 80's icon song. Like Jones, Krauss' voice is often better than her material, and even more like Jones she shares a love for music she'll never record: AC/DC and the power rock of the mid-80's. Both seem content to satisfy their Record Companies when it comes time to market their own albums, but catch them on the side and their real devotion begins to shine.
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