Sunday, March 18, 2007

End Of The CD As We Know It? Hope Not

What's with all the depressing news about the end of the CD? It seems that every magazine or newspaper article of late seems to be about the eventual end of the CD. And that depresses me. As the owner of two Ipod's, I've downloaded some stray one-hit wonders from Itunes, but only once have I downloaded an entire album. And that was because it was out-of-print. It was a a live Television album from Rhino Homemade. A limited release that went for too much money used. So I bit and bought it off of Itunes. The sound was good, but no liner notes or cover photo? Jeez, I hope the CD doesn't disapppear. Kids today may love their Ipod's and easy download options from the net. But some of us still love to open CD booklets and read liner notes or lyrics and look at album cover photos.
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