Friday, July 13, 2007

Classic What Classic?

Without doing much research, I'm going to guess that VH1's Classic Albums programs are not financed by that company. For the most part, this series has stayed true to form. You've got your big albums getting the once over. But then I ran across a show for Simply Red's 1991 Stars. Holy crap, where did that come from? So, I think the show is independent and probably done in England. Watching the show I didn't know that Stars is one of the Top 10 selling albums in English history. No American produced version would spotlight this album. That's no to knock it. It's a solid R&B meets Smooth Jazz confection, with Mick Hucknall's vocals never sounding better. But is it a classic? I think it falls short, but if you lived in England you'd disagree. Simply Red just weren't that big in the U.S. So, give VH1 credit for giving this forgotten album its props.
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