Thursday, September 06, 2007

Garth The Hypocrite

In the Garth Brooks press conference to announce his upcoming 2CD Ultimate, he was asked why his stuff isn't on Itunes. He said it's because he wants his albums to be listened to as a whole, and Itunes won't sell album only downloads, without the option of single track purchases. But wait a minute. This compilation will be Brooks' 2nd his album. If he wanted his albums to be heard whole why doesn't he follow the route of AC/DC or Metallica and not release a Greatest Hits album. If the consumer wants the hits, let 'em buy his albums. Ah, but he's a Country artists. And all Country acts release a compilation or two or three in their lifetime. Brooks, makes no sense when he lambastes Itunes and others because they won't sell his downloads whole. I've always like Garth, but if he's willing to pad his pockets with a new compilation that only has 4 new tracks, then he needs to be called out for being ignorant to the consumer's needs.
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