Sunday, December 09, 2007

Arrogant and Lazy

I've seen reports of music writer's not turning in their RRHOF ballot out of protest of this year's supposed weak candidates. No, this was not the strongest 9 names. But had it been expanded to 15, there would have been no problem. I think those voter's are foolish. Of the 9, I had no problem listing 5 strong. The Hall is in trouble with voter's because the nominating committee is full of arrogant and lazy minds. They won't nominate the act's that the public wants (KISS) or that even critic's want (Gram Parsons), so each year they put names on the ballot that make one scratch their head, while ignoring even the most obvious choices for nomination. Until a change is made at the top of the Nominating Committee or until the public outcry gets to huge that they'll have to nominate acts they don't want to (KISS), then nothing will change. Let's hope next year it does.
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