Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Of None

No they don't make singles like they used to. Looking over my candidates for single of the year, I noticed that my singles list is really short. And yes I do listen to Top 40 radio every once in a while to hear what's on the charts. No, its just that singles aren't as memorable as they used to be. And with a million different formats to choose from, nobody can pinpoint one good single at any one time. Summer is key in establishing year-end winners, but this year only one summer song Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" stood out. And it wasn't even on Itunes. But Mr. Rock was kind of stupid because those that couldn't get it for 99 cents cribbed it for free. Including me. That doesn't make me happy because I wanted some of my 99 cents to go to the Zevon estate. But these are tough times.
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