Sunday, December 28, 2008

For The People Who Died

Right, you know the big names that got all the ink in the New York Times. Isaac Hayes, Jerry Reed, Levi Stubbs, Bo Diddley, Jerry Wexler. But the names of those who died throughout a year that always get my attention are the ones I know won't get much attention but whose music or productions meant a lot to me musically.
So, here are 4 names among the many fallen musical heroes that stood out for me:

Ken Nelson - Producer and one of the originators of the "Bakersfield Sound". Produced hits for Buck Owens and Merle Haggard and other Bakersfield Sound legends

John Stewart- Best know for his late 70's hit "Gold" and for being a member of the Kingston Trio, but his late 60's album California Bloodlines was one of the first albums to set the stage for what is now known as Americana

Al Wilson - "Show and Tell" and "The Snake" were his big hits, but he was a journeyman Soul singer his whole life. But I've always had an affinity for these kind of singers. He could have been bigger. His last Tip 40 hit "I've Got A Feeling" has been unavailable on CD forever. I stole it from Napster back in the day

Danny Federici - Okay he got more press than the above 3, but the keyboardist for Springsteen I'm using as an example of band members you forget about until they die

There music will live in your mind long after they're gone.
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