Friday, March 27, 2009

Problem With Fleetwood Mac

This review of a Fleetwood Mac pretty much sums up what I heard on their last tour. Especially about Buckingham. But it fails to bring up the reason the band isn't as good as they once were: Christine McVie. Without her light and airy voice her songs done on tour now just aren't the same. And by the way they are only doing 2 of her songs: "Don't Stop" and "Say You Love Me", which means they think they audience won't miss an "Over My Head" or "Little Lies". Their wrong. There were, ahem, rumors that another female (Sheryl Crow) would be added to the tour, and they could use another female voice. But this Mac just isn't as compelling, memories or not. And if you need further evidence they miss McVie or another woman, see the truly medicore Say You Will.
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