Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just Browsing

I used to subscribe to a ton of music magazines. But most of them folded. And the ones who's subscriptions I let run out are average at best. In other words, I can browse through them at Border's. Glancing through them recently I noticed that I wasn't missing much with Q, Blurt, Blues Revue, American Songwriter or Dirty Linen. The last 4 I subscribed to but let run out. Guitar World which is more metal than Classic Rock now costs a whopping $7.99 a single issue. The others are worth a browse. Q is the least of the British music mags. I only buy Mojo and Uncut.
I should feel bad about this. If you subscribe or buy you keep a music writer employed. But I find most American magazines lacking the enthusiasm for music that the best British ones do. I also have a problem in that the American ones don't honor music's past. So focused on today's stuff that you can't find a decent article about a forgotten artist from the 60's. Fringe magazines like Pretty Things is good but I want more.
Until I get it I'll just browse and not buy a thing.
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