Monday, September 07, 2009

Welcome To The Future?

Brad Paisley says he wrote "Welcome To The Future" based on what he saw on Election Night 2008 from Times Square. But the verse in the song that has gotten the most press is this:

"I thought about him today,Everybody who’s seen what he’s seen,From a woman on a bus To a man with a dream.
He-e-ey…Wake up Martin Luther.Welcome to the future.He-e-ey…Glory glory hallelujah.Welcome to the future.

It's no question that Paisley is referencing the election and Obama, but he's smart enough not to mention either. If he did, I wonder, would it get airplay in the parts of the Country where Obama isn't well loved. Meaning the Country radio stations in the Deep South. I remember when Tim McGraw's "Red Rag Top" got in trouble with these same stations because of a reference to an abortion.
Will Paisley's song, which isn't a political song anyway, be hurt from going #1 by the MLK and Obama mention?
Or has Paisley once again proven himself a sly master of the sly single by sidestepping both and sneaking one to the top of the Country charts?
YouTube - Brad Paisley - Welcome To The Future
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