Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Country Backlash

Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert have taken over the year end critic's polls recently. They did it again in 2009. So you know what that means. Backlash time. As good as Paisley is, and he's consistently good, you just knew that he wouldn't be good enough for some Country critics. The same with Lambert, who is on her third album. Her latest isn't as good as her previous one, so despite her critical acclaim, she too must now face a stupid backlash. Both Paisley and Lambert have reached beyond Country music critics and have been embraced by Rock ones. They've been embraced because they make good, sometimes excellent records. So, why is the inner circle turning on them? I have no idea. Maybe they both aren't traditional enough. I don't care really. Unlike some, I'm hoping that neither releases a bad album. Keep the good things coming. Paisley has been a model of consistency. And I get the feeling that Lambert will too. Haters back off!
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