Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't Forget R&B Acts for the Rock Hall

Most of blogs, articles, etc. I read on this year's Rock Hall induction had sections devoted to who is missing from the Rock Hall. By and large these all focused on Rock acts, and missed a lot of deserving R&B ones. So below I'll list some R&B acts that have had as much an influence on the History of Pop music as some less deserving "Rock" acts that are already in the Hall.

Barry White
Donna Summer
Kool & The Gang
"5" Royales
Dionne Warwick
Meters/Neville Brothers
Teddy Pendergrass
Luther Vandross
Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
Percy Mayfield
Billy Ward & the Dominoes
Wynonie Harris
Rick James
Chaka Khan

and 2 Blue-Eyed Soul acts: Hall & Oates and Joe Cocker

Of those listed War, Donna Summer, Chic and the "5" Royales have all been nominated.
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