Friday, August 27, 2010

VH1 Top 100 Artists Updated For 2010

VH1 2010 Top 100 Artists of All Time

Always hard to take these lists seriously. VH1 has updated their 1998 list. I'm all for updating. There are some howlers, as usual. Alicia Keys at #100. Think about that. And someone thought Nirvana was more important than, well, a ton of legendary artists.
Led Zeppelin and Prince are ranked higher than Elvis Presley.

Others that made me howl: Sade at #50 and Cheap Trick at #58. I like 'em both, but come on, they are ranked ahead of Van Morrison and Otis Redding.

A Rolling Stone updated list would be much different. VH1 wants to make a good TV show out of their lists. While Rolling Stone would honor Rock History more. I doubt they would include Hall & Oates (#99), a pick by VH1 I love, actually. Also Journey at #96 wouldn't make their list.

But, come on, let's not kid ourselves. You want to know why I don't put much heft on this list?

#43 Ray Charles. Enough said.
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