Sunday, February 06, 2011

White Stripes

First off, I don't believe they will never reunite.  When bands break up, I always think they will get back together.  Maybe not in 5, but maybe 20 years.  There aren't many that haven't.   I'm thinking Talking Heads, the Clash (but had Strummer lived?), the Band, the Smiths and of course, the Beatles.
Hell, Lionel Richie keeps talking about doing something with the Commodores.
Here's the thing about Jack White.  He's damn buys.  He's got 2 other bands, a record label and he Produces other acts.  The only thing is, neither the Dead Weather or the Ranconteurs have put out anything as good as the mildest of the White Stripes stuff.
But White is still young enough that he's got plenty of peak years left.  As for Meg, well, it's been nice knowing you.
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