Monday, June 13, 2011


I wonder why more older artists don't ask Amazon or Itunes to do what Amazon did with Lady GaGa.  Drop the price to a $1 for their new release.
How many more people would buy recent albums buy Robbie Robertson, Stevie Nicks, Steve Miller and even Paul Simon if they could get them cheaply for at least the first or second week of release?
Nicks and Miller  make their money on royalties and touring.  As do most of these classic rock acts.  The same could be applied to R&B and Country artists as well.
The whole point is to get your music heard.  You took the time to make another album.  In the case of Nicks and Robertson, its been over a decade since their last one. 
Why not let people hear what you've been up to?  Most of these names are never going to top the charts again.  In fact, some of their older fans probably don't know they have albums out, unless they follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or read Rolling Stone.  
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