Sunday, September 11, 2011


I dropped by a Borders on 9/11, ten years ago to pick up the new Dylan album Love and Theft.  Can't remember if I went home and listened to it though.   Over the speaker system they were playing the news reports.  Even in these moments, music unites us, soothes us, brings us together.    Never thought for a second that things would change that day.  We'd go after the killers and that would be it.  But 2 War zones?  And a stripping of American values, that let it be known that anyone who spoke out against a corrupt administration would be blacklisted?
Still, I think about the music,  Because there were tribute concerts and a TV special.  Everyone rose to the moment.  Early on everyone was as one.  One America.  Now 10 years later.  You decide.
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