Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Wow, Coldplay sold 447,000 albums the first week without letting their album be heard through streaming services.  This is a victory?  As someone pointed out, Taylor Swift, Kanye and Lady Gaga sold more their first week with streaming.
Coldplay has a fan base, and may be one of the luckier acts to not need Spotify or Rhapsody to sell their music. Tom Waits' new one isn't on the streamers either.  But like Coldplay he has a solid fan base.  Most likely sells the same amount of copies with each album.  There are always exceptions.
But now I hear that the good old music biz wants to do to these services what the Movie studios are doing to Netflix and Redbox:  hold their hit albums for a month or two.
You know you've got to love these guys.  Dragged their butt on mp3's but now want to punish those of us who stream albums (before we consider buying them) just so they can line their pocket with more money.  The reasons consumers love to stream is they can hear before buying.  Consumers got tired of wasting money on albums with only a couple of good songs on them.
But it looks like the Record Biz wants to turn back the clocks again.  And you know who'll get screwed the most?
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