Thursday, January 12, 2012


It wasn't much of a year for reissues in 2011.  More like a year for repackaging.  Pink Floyd, Nirvana, another Elvis Presley box, Rolling Stones, The Who, U2 and the Beach Boys' Smile.  Well, the latter wasn't a repackage but sure felt like one.

I think this trend will continue, especially since all of the above appeared to have sold well.  It's the bigger is better approach.  And record companies know they don't have to sell many of these big priced bonanza's to turn a profit on their investment.

To be fair, the only super priced one I bought was the Elvis Presley box set.  I bought the scaled down 2 CD versions from Nirvana and the Beach Boys.  Passed on the rest, even though I like the albums.

And don't look for anything to obscure on these.  Unless you like Germany's Bear Family label (and spending a whole lot).  Right now, they are giving you the big name catalog sellers.
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