Friday, May 11, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham

My wife's Birthday present to me were tickets to see Lindsey Buckingham at a small venue.  It was great, and it was a one man show (although there was a rhythm machine behind him), with Buckingham showing off his underrated guitar prowess.
More solo stuff than Fleetwood Mac songs.  Had a feeling most in the audience didn't know his solo songs, but  they sounded good enough that the crowd seemed to enjoy them.  Would have liked to hear "Second Hand News" or "The Chain", but "Never Going Back Again", "Big Love", "Go Your Own Way", and the obscure "Come" and "Bleed to Love Her"  from 2003 were good enough.
I don't go to many concerts.  Prices are just too steep.  But this was a good night out.

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