Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Michael Jackson-5 Years On

Death.  The ultimate money maker.  Ask the estates of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean.  Michael Jackson was a cultural icon like them.  And he was piling on debt at the time of his debt.  The ill-fated 2009 concert tour that he was to embark on was the best way to get cash quick.  What we know about Jackson in his last years was that he loved to buy stuff, but usually bought it on credit.  When he died those creditors lined up wanting their money.

Five years after his death Michael Jackson is richer than he's ever been.  He's also more musically respected than he was at the time of his death.  The albums that have come out after he died aren't great, but not bad.  The 2014 Xscape tries its best to replicate what Michael had going through his head while recording those demos.  The estate promises more of this type of stuff.  The Elvis Presley estate is still releasing alternate takes, live cuts to this day.

Jackson's impact on music remains huge.  It was there before he died, but we now see more newer artists citing him as an influence.  Even if his records don't sell as much, the Michael Jackson brand will find a way to stay in the public mind.  The family and MJ management will make sure of it.

Death can do that to an idol.
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