Saturday, August 16, 2014

Elvis-37 Years Later

I love to tell this story.  Where did I hear about Elvis' death?  I was coming back from seeing Star Wars for the 2nd time.  My Mom worked near the theater, so after she picked me up after the movie.  I get in the car turn on the radio and my local Top 40 station is playing an Elvis song.  Turned to the other Top 40 station and the same thing.  This seemed unusual because Elvis never got played on those stations.  After one of his songs finished the DJ got on and said Elvis had died.  I remember my Mom letting out a "What?" and my heart sinking a bit.  When we got home I turned on the TV and it was on the news.

Such a surreal day.  I went through my Dad's record collection and saw what he had on Elvis.  He had some early 70's LP's and 8-tracks.  The next day I took the bus downtown and went to an independent record shop and bought Elvis' latest album Moody Blue (with blue-colored vinyl).  Didn't have the money to buy anything else, but as the months went on I did buy other albums.

Elvis died young.  Only 42.  He never got old, but he was already an old soul by the time he passed.  He's the greatest Rock and Roll star ever.  The one true King of Rock and Roll.
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