Sunday, August 16, 2015

Elvis 38 Years Later

Elvis Presley died 38 years ago today.  He's my #1 artist.  I believe my love for him started after he died, but he was born before that day.  My Dad was a fan.  Had plenty of his vinyl and 8-track tapes.  So, I heard a lot of Elvis growing up.
When he died in 1977, I was already a music follower.  Meaning I listened every week to American Top 40 (Casey Kasem's show caught my ear years earlier when we lived in Germany).  Hearing Kasem mention Billboard magazine every week, got me interested in finding a store nearby that sold it.

After Elvis died, I began to seek out his old albums.  The Elvis I knew was mostly the 70's jump suit one.  I was aware of his older hits, but not much beyond that.  A few Sun singles were on those old albums, but it was a shock when I heard the rest of those 50's sides.

Every year on his Birthday or the day he passed away, I always see posts from people saying that Elvis' post-Army years (1960-1977) were a pale imitation of what he did from 1954-1959.
But I disagree.  The 54-59 years are what made him the King of Rock and Roll.  That I won't argue.
What hurts Elvis the most are the string of movies he made in the 60's.  Most of them containing forgettable songs that even Elvis got tired of doing.  But throughout the decade he still had many great moments.  And in the 70's, despite singing less Rock and more Pop/Country/Gospel songs he had more.

So, below is a list.  Not a definitive one, but a snapshot, of some of Elvis' post Army sides.  Get to your local streaming site and listen to a few of these.  The once and future King.

Burning Love
Can't Help Falling In Love
Fame and Fortune
If I Can Dream
If You Talk In Your Sleep
In The Ghetto
It's Now Or Never
Kentucky Rain
Little Sister
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame
Moody Blue
Promised Land
Suspicious Minds
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Viva Las Vegas
Way Down
(You're the) Devil In Disguise

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