Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thoughts On 2016 Rock Hall Nominees Announcement

Before I get into the nominees let me say that it appears that the NomCom purge of 2015 had an affect after all.  Only one pre-1965 act was nominated (Spinners).  Maybe they've got something planned for older acts?  Veteran's inductees?  Early Influences?  Stay tuned.

As for the 2016 nominees.  Lots of pleasant surprises among the first time nominees:  The Cars, Los Lobos, Cheap Trick, Chicago, Janet Jackson and Steve Miller.   Chaka Khan was previously nominated with Rufus, but still good to see her back on the ballot.

Most of the returnees were predicted:  Chic, Nine Inch Nails, NWA, Yes, Deep Purple, Spinners.  Smiths were nominated last year, even though many thought the Cure might get that alt-rock slot.

If you're a Classic Rock fan, this ballot is for you:  Deep Purple, Yes, Cars, Steve Miller, Cheap Trick.  Chicago aren't really Classic Rock, neither is Los Lobos, but they could still fit under the Rock moniker (especially early Chicago).

In other words, the Baby Boomers have much to savor with this year's Rock acts.

No singer-songwriters or Blues acts nominated.  That has to be a first.

R&B (and one Hip-Hop) is represented pretty good this year:  NWA, Chaka, Janet, Chic, Spinners, J.B.'s.

No first time eligibles either.  Not a strong bunch of names this year anyway.

Biggest surprise and head-scratcher?  There's one every year.  How about the J.B.'s and Los Lobos?  Looks like the J.B.'s too the Meters slot.

Who doesn't expect the J.B.'s to get inducted in the Musical Excellence category?                              

Los Lobos are critically-loved but only had one big seller, the La Bamba soundtrack.  I'm not as shocked at their nomination as others.  They were previously considered, so somebody on the NomCom loved them.  But, come one did anyone think Los Lobos or the J.B.'s would get nominated this year?

Chicago is not a surprise, at least not to me.  We knew that they were talked about in the NomCom meetings, from the Joel Peresman interview with Eddie Trunk.

Disappointments?  For me it's the continued snubs of ELO or Roxy Music.  And Joe Cocker.

Oh, and I appear to be the only one who cares that no Country act has been inducted since 2003, despite the plethora of talent that is eligible.  But I'll keep mentioning it.

And as Future Rock Legends pointed out, all of this year's nominees come from the Previously Considered list.  That's why it's always good to study that page when making predictions.

So, it's a tough ballot.  No way the Hall inducts less than 6, which has been their usual amount in recent years.

And it's true.  On my First Time Nominated & Inducted Post that was update this past June, I wrote that if Steve Miller, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Janet Jackson and the Cars were nominated they would get inducted right away.  But, come on, I never thought they would all end up on the same ballot when their time came.

I got 7 picks correct on my predictions,  and most of the others were on my radar.  But I have to admit that the 7 I got right didn't consist of any left field choices like  Los Lobos or the J.B.'s.  Next year I need to take more chances, now that I see what this new NomCom is all about.

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