Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Personal Picks: 2016 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

The rumors are true.  The 2016 ballot is loaded with legendary, populist names!  Seriously, it's a tough ballot, which means some big names are going to get left off.  My own picks leave off many artists that dominate my record collection.

The Rock Hall tells its voters to choose 5 names, but they usually induct 6, so that's what I always choose.  Could they go with 7 this year? (counting the J.B.'s in the Musical Excellence category)?  2004 was the last time that happened.  The ceremony might last forever, but I'd be happy with more inductees.

Remember these are my personal picks, not predictions.  All picks from the Top 6 and 7-15 are in alphabetical order.

Top 6
Chic  -  Sad that voters can't see past the Disco years.   How many times can I shout it?  They were a top-notch band, not just a top-notch disco act.

Chicago -  Which one do you like?  The 70's one which was not  dominated by Peter Cetera?  Or the 80's one that was dominated by Peter Cetera's power ballads?

Janet Jackson  - What we tend to forget is that she made exceptional albums, not just great singles.

Chaka Khan - One of the greatest vocalists in R&B history.  Isn't that enough of an endorsement?

Spinners -  I'm glad the NomCom remembers them (3X).   Now,  I want all of you to go and listen to their 70's back catalog on Atlantic  (73-76). And keep 1970's "It's A Shame" close at a hand, also. Then you'll know why I love them.

Yes -   Even through all the lineup changes, they're still my favorite Prog Rock act.

Cars -   It's good they come up next alphabetically.  Because this would be my 7th personal pick.   Ric Ocasek & Co. crafted some of New Wave's best singles.  They are one of the few from that genre that crossed over to Classic Rock stations.

Cheap Trick -  They would be the first Power Pop act inducted.  Loved all their albums up through the early 80's.

Deep Purple -  Years ago a friend of mine loaned me their pre-Machine Head albums and it opened my ears to how great they were early on.

J.B.'s -  They made some good, funky records on their own.  But most only know them as James Brown's backing band.  The Musical Excellence category is calling their name (would be good if the Hall put the Meters in with them)

Los Lobos -  This is a group I never thought would be nominated, even though they are critically-adored, and on my own Rock Hall Wish List  So kudos to the NomCom for this.  Lots of top notch albums in their catalog.  Go explore.

Steve Miller - Along with Boston, Peter Frampton, etc.,  Miller was one of the founders of the AOR format,  which took off in the 80's.  And for those who don't know, he made good records before he broke through with "The Joker".

Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor has branched out to movies, even while keeping the NIN moniker going.  I like, but don't love their albums, which means they wouldn't be Top 5 among my fave 90's era acts.

N.W.A -  Only hip-hop act nominated.  The biopic was a reminder of their influence.  Has to be their year, right?

Smiths - Not a one ballot nominee after all, which is good, because their stamp on Indie Rock was large.  Doubt Morrissey would show up for the ceremony, though.

One side note:  If I was a voter and could only pick the required 5, I'd pass on Janet Jackson. (Sorry Induct Janet folks! But choosing only 5 is brutal)

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