Sunday, July 31, 2016

Music Years of My LIfe: 1972

My third grade teacher in Germany had us sing songs.  Most of the ones, from what I remember, were the usual harmless children ditties.  But one day she had us do "Song Sung Blue", Neil Diamond's often derided #1 hit from 1972.  Now, I can't recall if we sang any other hits from '72/'73, but I can't forget this one.  The thing I remember about singing this is that I knew the song.  It was a hit, and got played on the radio.

Let's face it, "Song Sung Blue" isn't that hard to sing along with.  Diamond, as the 70's moved on, was leaving behind his catchy, uptempo Pop hits in favor of more introspective songs.  This song isn't one of them, but it still brings back a good memory whenever I hear it.  This is probably the only time that one of my Elementary school teachers had us sing something that was a hit of the day.  But I have been in classes where the teacher would have the radio on in the background.  I even had one in 1976/'77 who had a turntable and would spin hit singles.   Every little thing that planted my future musical obsessions.
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