Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oasis: Top 25 Songs Poll

Another poll I participated in.  This time listing the Top 25 Oasis songs.  Oasis' first 2 albums are perfect Britpop.  After that things get murkier.  Noel Gallagher begins to lose his touch for catchy, Rock songs, in favor of longer, more lugubrious songs.  So, my own list is top heavy with stuff from those first two albums.  Yet, I was still able to find enough songs from the rest of their catalog to come up with 25 songs.

1.  Supersonic
2.  Wonderwall
3.  Rock 'N' Roll Star
4.  Live Forever
5.  Don't Look Back In Anger
6.  Morning Glory
7.  Stop Crying Your Heart Out
8.  Some Might Say
9.  Importance of Being Idle
10. Lyla
11. Songbird
12. Champagne Supernova
13. Shock of the Lightning
14. Acquiesce
15. Slide Away
16. Little By Little
17. Talk Tonight
18. Cigarettes & Alcohol
19. Waiting For The Rapture
20. Underneath The Sky
21. Stand By Me
22. Hindu Times
23. She's Electric
24. Fade Away
25. It's Getting Better (Man)

Top 5 Albums
1.  Definitely Maybe
2.  (What's The Story) Morning Glory
3.  Stop The Clocks
4.  Masterplan
5.  Be Here Now
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