Sunday, December 25, 2016

RIP George Michael

George Michael was ready for rediscovery.  His last studio album came out in 2004.  Since then were sporadic new songs, another hits compilation and a live album from his 2011-12 tour.
Sadly, his death at age 53 will no doubt have many looking at his back catalog with fresh ears.

George Michael was one of the biggest Pop stars of the 80's.  On the same playing field with Michael Jackson, Prince & Madonna.  He was that big.  As with most mega-stars, Michael's star began to fall after his peak years.  Fights with Sony over how his 1990 album Living Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was being promoted in the U.S. led to a court case against the label that he lost in 1994.  Health and personal issues kept him in the news, but not in a good way.   Still, people never forgot his great hits, which continued to get played on a variety of channels.  In 2016, he was a nominee for the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  His passing should give him a new look from the Rock and Roll Hall as well, even though Pop acts don't fare as well there.   Michael wasn't just a great Pop stars, he was also one of the very best Blue-Eyed Soul singers.

Musically, Michael will be remembered as a master craftsmen.   He may have disappeared off of our radar for years at a time, but whenever a Wham or Michael solo song came on the radio,  you kept hoping he had one more great moment in him.

George Michael Discography 

For George Michael's albums you start with Faith, Living Without Prejudice and Wham's breakthrough Make It Big.  From there check out Older and Amazing.  For Wham, try their last one Music From The Edge of Heaven and the compilation Final.
Michael had 2 Greatest Hits albums released in his lifetime:  Ladies and Gentlemen and the more recent Twenty Five.  Both are great.

My Top 30 George Michael Songs

1.  Father Figure
2.  Careless Whisper
3.  I'm Your Man
4.  Wake Me Up before You Go-Go
5.  Everything She Wants
6.  Freedom '90
7.  Fastlove
8.  I Want Your Sex
9.  Faith
10.  Last Christmas
11.  Battlestations
12.  I Knew You Were Waiting   (w/Aretha Franklin)
13.  Freedom
14.  Praying For Time
15.  One More Try
16.  Heal The Pain
17.  Bad Boys
18.  Edge Of Heaven
19.  Different Corner
20.  Waiting For That Day
21.  Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me  (w/Elton John)
22.  As  (w/Mary J. Blige)
23.  Hard Day
24.  They Won't Go When I Go
25.  Amazing
26.  Monkey
27.  Somebody To Love  (w/Queen)
28.  Jesus To A Child
29.  Kissing A Fool
30.  Outside

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