Sunday, October 29, 2017

Personal Picks: 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The good news: 19 nominees again.  The bad: still can only vote for 5.
Below are my Personal picks, listed in alphabetical order.  The names I didn't vote for are all acts I like, well some more than others.  Still, it's criminal to just choose 5/19.

Because the Hall usually inducts 6,  I've listed a bonus vote, after my Top 5.

Again, these are my Personal choices, not a prediction.

Top 5
Cars -  The most Classic Rock of the New Wave bands.  Their debut album is still perfect.  And they knocked out hooky singles and album tracks until the mid-80's.

Eurythmics -  Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart crafted some of the most soulful New Wave hits of the 80's.  Lennox was not only a great vocalist, but a trailblazer in her videos and concerts too.  Who doesn't love Annie Lennox?

Meters - Too often thought of as just legendary session musicians.  But their back catalog is full of good albums and the funkiest of deep cuts.

Moody Blues - They've recorded a bunch of fine albums, but I always thought of them as one of Prog-Rock's best singles bands.

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan -  No other way to say this: but Chaka Khan has one of the most powerful voices you'll ever hear.  And with and without Rufus she put out a bunch of classic hits.

Bonus vote
Link Wray - If you only know that one hit, then you need to do keep listening.  And besides, Wray's post-50's material, especially the early 70's albums,  continue to get rediscovered.
The Rest
Bon Jovi - Am I the only one who thinks they peaked with Slippery When Wet?  I count a handful of good songs after 1987. The most critically-derided artist on this list.
Depeche Mode - Since their first nomination last year, I've spent a lot of time exploring their back catalog.  I still prefer other bands from that era, but I'm finally seeing why they were so huge for about 10 years.

Dire Straits - I remember buying their debut just on the basis of "Sultans of Swing".  Great band with an original sound.  And Mark Knopfler can play.

J. Geils Band - This NomCom favorite (5X) were a sturdy, workmanlike recording/concert machine before they broke big with Freeze Frame.  Peter Wolf was one of the best Rock and Soul singers of his day.

Judas Priest - On the advise of a Metal friend, and anticipating their eventual nomination, another act who I went back into their catalog and are more impressed than I was before.

Kate Bush -  I admit to being late to this singer's often superb music and concerts.  Not as well known in the States as she is in England.  But now is a great time for everyone else to catch up to her.

LL Cool J - His acting career has diluted his recording career.  I've been saying this from his first nomination in 2010.  That's too bad because from the mid-80's to mid-90's he was Rap's greatest male star.  And left behind some classic sides.

MC5 - Their music sounds more relevant than it has since the 60's/early 70's.

Nina Simone - If you're like me, then her excellent 2015 documentary opened your eyes and ears. Another name whose catalog I encourage you to explore.

Radiohead - I love "Creep" and "High and Dry".  But all their stuff from OK Computer to now hasn't done much for me.

Rage Against The Machine - Never really warmed to their revolution.  Kind of like Tom Morello's post RATM years better.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Her first record came out in 1938, so how she ended up on the main ballot and not as an Early Influence is one of those yearly NomCom mysteries.  Regardless, of course she belongs, but I'm betting, like everybody else, that the Hall will slot her in as an Early Influence (her first record released in 1938).

Zombies -   One of the last British Invasion bands that has a chance at induction.  Whenever their stuff comes up on Sirius' Underground Garage channel, it sounds more fresh and alive each time.

For those who may have missed it, my post on whether the Rock Hall needs a Veterans Committee.  And how they should set it up:

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