Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best Beatles Solo Songs (Poll)

Latest Poll I voted in, this time listing the best Beatles solo songs.  With duets and collaborations (Wilburys) eligible.
 A few notes:  McCartney always was the most prolific.  Ringo's solo career bottomed out after 1975.  George had the wildest ride of highs and lows and highs again. And Lennon was just getting his creative juices going before his death.

1.  Jet (Paul)
2.  My Sweet Lord (George)
3.  It Don't Come Easy  (Ringo)
4.  Instant Karma  (John)
5.  Maybe I'm Amazed   (studio version) (Paul)
6.  Imagine  (John)
7.  Photograph (Ringo)
8.  Give Me Love   (George)
9.  Band On The Run (Paul)
10. Jealous Guy (John)
11. What Is Life (George)
12. Live and Let Die (Paul)
13. Listen To What The Man Said (Paul)
14. #9 Dream  (John)
15. Handle With Care (Traveling Wilburys)
16. God (John)
17. Working Class Hero  (John)
18. Oh My My (Ringo)
19. Crackerbox Palace  (George)
20. Silly Love Songs (Paul)
21. Watching The Wheels (John)
22. Back Off Boogaloo  (Ringo)
23. Mother (John)
24. Let Me Roll It (Paul)
25. Early 1970 (Ringo)
26. Blow Away (George)
27. With A Little Luck  (Paul)
28. End of the Line (Traveling Wilburys)
29. Starting Over (John)
30. Mind Games (John)
31. Say Say Say (Paul/Michael Jackson)
32. Got My Mind Set On You (George)
33. Let 'Em In (Paul)
34. Take It Away (Paul)
35. All Things Must Pass (George)
36. You're Sixteen (Ringo)
37. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (John)
38. Beware of Darkness (George)
39. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Paul)
40. Coming Up (live) (Paul)
41. Isn't It A Pity (George)
42. Nobody Told Me (John)
43. If Not For You (George)
44. Maybe I'm Amazed (live '76 single) (Paul)
45. Here Today (Paul)
46. Any Road (George)
47. Put It There (Paul)
48. Grow Old With Me (John)
49. No Other Baby (Paul)
50. Love (John)
51. What's That You're Doing (Paul/Stevie Wonder)
52. When We Was Fab  (George)
53. Woman (John)
54. Snookeroo (Ringo)
55. Girl Is Mine (Paul/Michael Jackson)
56. No No Song (Ringo)
57. Love Comes To Everyone (George)
58. Give Peace A Chance  (John)
59. Junk (Paul)
60. This Song (George)
61. Gimme Some Truth (John)
62. Every Night (Paul)
63. Beautiful Boy (John)
64. Press (Paul)


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