Saturday, November 26, 2005

Country's Rick Springfield

After watching Keith Urban on the CMA's, I've come to the conclusion that he's Country's Rick Springfield. That's not a put down. There are many who like Springfield, me included. Both are Aussies, both write catchy songs, both play guitar and, oh yeah, both are good looking. It's that last one that Urban will have trouble winning over the "big" critics with. A Village Voice blurb the week of the CMA's wasn't very heartfelt, and most of his album's have gotten, decent but hesitant reviews. There's not much Urban can do about it. He's handsome and has hit singles. A guilty pleasure? At this point, he is. Yes in typical Nashville fashion his albums are full of filler, which means his future Greatest Hits album will be a winner, but the radio hits are ear-candy. Let's hope he doesn't fall into the trap that killed Springfield's career. The need to become a serious artiste. Springfield's hits dried up in a hurry after thinking he was a major thinker. Urban's Music City bosses will want hits, so a Country Rick Springfield might have a longer chart life than the "big" critics expect.
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