Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Most Underrated Music Critic?

Chuck Eddy is the Village Voice music section's secret weapon. Now the site's Music Editor, he also has a weekly column Eddytor's Dozen that I hope he can keep going (weekly is not easy to find 10 CD's worth recommending). I wish he wrote more, but this column satisfies. Spotlighting mostly Indie groups he also shines a light on Country acts and Guilty Pleasure ones. Just this year, he's recommended compilations by REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield. That's no surprise if you've read his Accidental Evolution of Rock'N'Roll book. It came out in 1997 and could use an update, but the book is essential if your recorded canon consists of Sports and Can't Slow Down. As for the Voice's legendary Robert Christgau his Consumer Guide column is always worth looking at, and his latest addition Recyclables will hold you over throughout the year until Christmas when he puts out my favorite of his Consumer Guide columns-the Christmas Best of's/Compilations.
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