Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thoughts About My CD Collection

Okay, I've just finished listening to Sara Evans' last 2 CD's. I have all her other's, but I was gonna hold out until her inevitable Greatest Hits release (I'm guessing Fall 2006), but some people told me these were good. They are. But they're not essential. Anyway, I bought 'em cheap, so no loss. But while filing her CD's in my Country section, I noticed some odd things: I have too many mediocre to average CD's by these people: Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt. Don't get me wrong. I like these artists. But why did I buy so much of their early catalog stuff when it first came out? Like most of today's and yesterday's Country music, I still think the genre was made for Hits Compilations. Very few acts sound different than others. It's the same musicians, songwriters, studios, producers. I won't get rid of any of the above act's CD's. But except for Loveless, who still puts a lot of thought into her records, I haven't bought a record by any of them in years.
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