Saturday, February 04, 2006

John Anderson's Wild & Blue catalog

John Anderson's Warner catalog is a mess. Which is why the S&P reissue of his biggest Warner album, Wild & Blue, makes me happy. Of course, since the album has his biggest single, "Swingin", it was an easy choice for S&P to reissue. But it's hard to believe that Anderson's Warner records haven't been remastered or compiled properly. The 2 Greatest Hits albums on Warner are great, but they sound muddled compared to the sound on Wild & Blue. There is no compilation on the market that combines his Warner and RCA tenure (or his brief stints with Mercury and Sony). Rhino, who have stellar reissues of Randy Travis, Dwight Yoakam and Emmylou Harris must not think Anderson is worthy of compiling. In fact, checking Amazon, only 4 of his studio albums are now in print, and RCA has a ton of reissued hits compilations. So, let's prey that Raven, Collectables or somebody gets on the ball. And scoop up Wild & Blue. I still prefer Anderson's first 2 Warner albums, but this is still prime Old School Country.
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