Thursday, January 26, 2006

Indie Divas Battle

Jenny Lewis or Cat Power? I'm guessing that the latter will get the better reviews. An Indie darling who specializes in slow burn albums, her latest, The Greatest, is being hailed as a White-Soul breakthrough. Jenny Lewis is an Indie Rock darling who on leave from Rilo Kiley has fashioned a Country/Rock/Pop/Gospel/Soul hybrid. Since I've never been a fan of Cat Power I was intrigued by her use of 70's Memphis Soul musicians too broaden her sound. But she's still too slow burn for her band. Outside of the title track, I find it hard to warm up to her. Lewis' is the better of the two by a mile. With good backing vocals by the Watson Twins, she's put out an album that's even better than Rilo Kiley's More Adventurous. As I mentioned above, her hybrid works on almost everything here. You can have your slow burn, I'll take mine with a little Indie Pop.
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